Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen ignited a fierce debate among moms this week, when she said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that there should be a "worldwide law" requiring all new mothers to breastfeed their babies until age six months. Bundchen, facing an angry backlash, said she only meant to encourage women to give their children breast milk, not to offend those who choose to feed their babies formula. Is it appropriate to at least pressure more women to breastfeed? (Watch an E! News report about Gisele's recommendation)

Pressure will only make the mommy wars worse: "Even breastfeeding advocates" have criticized Gisele's heavy-handed approach, says blogger Summer at Growing Your Baby. And understandably so: Many mothers have jobs and commitments that are simply not breastfeeding friendly.
"Gisele Bündchen says comments have 'Nothing to do with the law'"

If Bundchen got her way the world would be healthier: Maybe Gisele came off a little too strident, says Stephanie Avelino in The Boston Globe, but you can't argue with her point. Breast milk is the "optimal food" for infants, and we could slash infant mortality and malunitration rates worldwide if more mothers nursed.
"Sampling opinion on Gisele's remarks"

The fault is not in Gisele, but in ourselves: Bundchen can't possibly mean we should force women to breastfeed, says Christopher Bonanos at Dadwagon. "Everyone? By law? Really?" But, look: Nobody would have gotten all worked up over Bundchen's blathering if we didn't fetishize "celebrity pregnancy" and spend all our time thinking about starlets' bodies — so, in some sense, we're all to blame for this silly controversy.
"Speak, Gisele Bündchen's breasts! Speak!"