Rush Limbaugh's fans love it when he takes on Obama and the Democrats, but the outspoken conservative host may have made a mistake bringing Oprah into one of his trademark, stream-of-consciousness rants — suggesting that her wealth is somehow related to her skin color. Does Limbaugh know no limits? Of course not, says Paul Abrams at The Huffington Post, and that's exactly what this "evil" genius of provocation meant to do. When Limbaugh attacks Oprah or claims that President Obama caused the recession to pay back white people for 230 years of racism, he's just goosing the ratings. Limbaugh's not the one stirring up the outrage, says Noel Sheppard at News Busters. It's liberal clowns like MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who shamelessly twists his adversaries' words so he can attack them no matter what they say. Olbermann "selectively edited" a Limbaugh radio transcript to make simple comments about fame appear "racist." Watch Olbermann's comments below (at 2:15):