Troubled former child star Lindsay Lohan will soon be behind bars for violating her probation. But the starlet's 90-day sentence may be extended based on photographs that suggest she appeared in court with "f--k u" painted on her middle fingernail. If the obscene message is interpreted as being directed at the court, she could be cited for contempt, says New York City attorney Stacy Schneider, quoted by FOX News — adding up to 5 days to her sentence. Lohan later tweeted that the nail was a "joke." Was Lohan's fingernail tag contemptuous? (Watch an AP report about Lohan's fingernail art)

It's hard to know Lohan's intentions: Perhaps the vulgar manicure "was just a general statement of youthful anger from the 24-year-old," says Bob Tourtelotte in Reuters. "Whatever the reason, it has hardly helped Lohan’s case in the eyes of much of the media, and has cast doubt on the sincerity of her tearful plea for mercy."
"Update: Lindsay Lohan. Did judge see that finger?"

If the judge couldn't see her nail, it might not be contempt: "Luckily for Lohan," says Tanya Roth at FindLaw, the judge's eyesight could not possibly have been good enough to see what was written on her fingernail from across the courtroom. It's unlikely the judge would "recall [Lohan] for contempt that she did not actually observe during the hearing," even if the attending paparazzi did.
"Lindsay Lohan fingernail message: contempt?"

This latest act of self-destruction is offensive to Lohan's supporters: Fans like me who "felt some pity for the poor thing" will find this "not so secret message for [the judge], the court and the rules" disappointing, says Dawn Olsen at Technorati. As an act of self-destruction, this is "beyond the pale," even for a "self-absorbed, pampered little brat" like Lohan. It may not have been contempt of court, but it certainly showed contempt for her supporters.
"Lindsay Lohan shows her 'respect' for the court"