Apple fanboys and, theoretically, fangirls now have a new way to hook up. Dubbed Cupidtino — a play on Cupertino, CA, home of Apple headquarters — this recently-launched dating site aims to connect Mac-minded singles for tech-centric romance. Cupidtino's creators say the site — which can only be accessed using Apple products like a Mac, iPad or iPhone — makes complete sense, since "die-hard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common." Some critics, however, say connecting people based purely on brand loyalty is purely preposterous. Is a dating site exclusively for Apple users brilliant, or ridiculous? (Watch a spoof of the Cupidtino site)

Perfect match: Cupidtino is a fantastic idea, says Mike Schramm in The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Since market research shows that Mac users actually do have much in common, creating way for them to find each other makes perfect business sense. I have already "set up my profile on the site," so hopefully I can "Command-F the girl of my dreams."
"Mac Dating site Cupidtino opens beta to the public"

Bad idea, bad site: Aside from the absurdity of using brand fandom as a basis for romance, says Leena Rao in TechCrunch, "Cupidtino is a bit of a letdown." Its "craftily formatted" Apple styling does little to hide the fact that the site "is a little clunky." And while plenty of fanboys have already signed up, "the site has not been able to attract many fangirls." Something tells me "this ratio of men to women" won’t change anytime soon.
"Fanboy meets fangirl: Cupidtino launches"

Are other dating sites any better? As silly as Cupidtino may be, says Drew Grant in Crushable, it's not "any more ridiculous than say, OkCupid, which helps match you up with a potential boyfriend by making you take a series of time-waster quizzes." And with Cupidtino, you’ll know you have at least one point in common with your date: "A weird fetish for sleek design-ware."
"Dating for Apple lovers"