Radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki released a video this weekend calling on Muslim US servicemen to kill their fellow soldiers. In the video, Awlaki — an American-born jihadist preacher who may have played a part in the Ford Hood shootings  — also praises the so-called "Underwear Bomber" and calls for the mass killing of American civilians. We have plenty to fear from this man, says Kamran Pasha in the Huffington Post. Al-Awlaki's influence on Muslims "is in many ways far more insidious than that of his fellow madman, Osama Bin Laden." As a trained scholar, al-Awlaki's extremist teachings have a "troubling and dangerous" authority. In response, the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military said it does not "condone nor give any credibility to the statements of Anwar al-Awlaki" and the Obama Administration, which has targeted Awlaki for assassination, confirmed that it is "actively trying to find him." Watch a CBS report about al-Awlaki's latest threats: