It was only a year ago that Miss USA sanctioned Carrie Prejean for posing topless. Now, the same organization has released photos of the 2010 contestants rife with soft-porn clichés. Even pageant owner Donald Trump said the photos — in which the ladies contort on silky sheets — were "a little over the top." Should a contest that's popular with young girls and is still described as a "talent" competition be working this ultra-sexy vibe? (Watch a Fox report about the racy Miss USA promotional photos)

This is a pageant, not Playboy: What kind of a role model are these "scantily-clad babes" for the "little girls, tweens and teens" who watch the pageant?, ask Lindsey DiMattina and Bonnie Fuller at Hollywood Life. Miss USA was once a "competition for a college scholarship based on the values of hard work and selfless beauty" — but clearly, now it's just an audition for a "Playboy center spread." 
Miss USA official photos shocker — is this what our country is coming to?"

These are classy photos for a sexy contest: These are "incredibly PG" photos, says Bella at Thinkfashion. Unlike Carrie Prejean, "it's not like they're showing their tatas or anything." And besides, these beauty pageants are unashamedly about "attractiveness and sex appeal." If you're shocked by under-dressed women "you should be watching the annual spelling bee," not Miss USA.
"Miss USA 2010 racy photos — what's the big deal?"

A publicity stunt that shows Miss USA for what it really is: These contests are now so dated they need a scandal to make people watch, says Kirby at Chicago Now. Well, this is a "brilliant way to market a dying contest" — but by descending to an "all time low." I've always taught my daughters that beauty pageants are "a ridiculous way to expose insecure women." Thank you Miss USA for proving me right.
"Miss USA pics — scandalous or brilliant marketing?"