A documentary about Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former Democrat governor of New York, has been making headlines after a rough cut of the movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film, made by Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney, tracks Spitzer's career from his days as New York's attorney general to his resignation over a prostitution scandal. Spitzer was once known as the "Sheriff of Wall Street" for clamping down on financial firms including Merrill Lynch and AIG, but revelations of his $100,000 dalliances with high class escorts led to his resignation in 2008. In the film, the story is told by Spitzer himself, along with nearly all of the main players in the scandal — with the notable exception of tabloid-friendly prostitute Ashley Dupré, who Gibney said refused to be interviewed unless she was given editorial control. Even without Dupré, the film is a "a ricocheting, lowbrow-to-highbrow recap," writes Logan Hill at New York Magazine, that "hints heavily at a conservative conspiracy" against Spitzer. Actually this film is "completely biased," says GOP operative Roger Stone, as quoted by Annie Karni at the New York Post. "The filmmaker has a number of key facts wrong." The film is untitled and still unfinished, but Gibney has produced a trailer. Watch it here: