Kelsey Grammer, who for eleven seasons played a persnickity psychiatrist on NBC's "Frasier," is planning to launch a new cable network this summer aimed at the Tea Party demographic. The venture, called RightNetwork, will air programs with "Pro-America, Pro-Business, Pro-Military sensibilities," including a comedy program and a political reality show. Company representatives have even been travelling with the Tea Party Express bus tour in an attempt to connect with "people who live in what [others] call flyover country and what we call America." But do Tea Partiers need — or want — their own channel? Fox News, along with the rest of "the mainstream media is already pro-America, pro-business, and pro-military," says Allison Kilkenny in True/Slant. "Unless I’m missing a Burn The Flag, Marine-Shooting Cooperative network hidden between MSNBC and Comedy Central." I wouldn't underestimate the potential here, says Colby Hall in Mediaite. "RightNetwork looks and feels like it will be a succesful venture." Watch Kelsey Grammer's RightNetwork promo video below: