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Results: We asked you to come up with a subtitle for Dr. Louanne Brizendine’s new book, “The Male Brain,” (which, for the record, is not an oxymoron). You focused on:

FIRST PRIZE: The Male Brain: See Below for Details
Jeri Lynch, Honolulu
SECOND PLACE: Mine is Bigger Than Yours
Gary Cullen, North Canton, OH

THIRD PLACE: What Went Wrong?
Justin Worum, Billings, MT

The Male Brain: No – Up Here!
Eugenia Dowling, Basking Ridge, NJ
Forward by Larry King
Nancy T. Wolske, Columbus, OH
No, Really
Michael Genovee, Los Angeles
Located Three Feet Higher Than Previously Thought
Laura Carley, New York City
What’s the Score?
Mark McGann, Arlington, VA
Filing Cabinet for Famous, Pointless Movie Lines
Emily Baumgartner, Westerville, OH
NC 17 – Contains Crude Humor, Profanity, Suggestive Nudity and Cartoon Violence
Tim Bryant, Calabasas, CA

Beyond The Fart Jokes
Rob Crolius, Pittsburgh
A Fully Developed Prefrontal Cortex by Age 65
Ben G. Bowen, Atlanta
100 Billion Neurons But Still Won’t Ask for Directions
Alan Limke, Cincinnati
Why We Sex Think Sex The Way Sex We Do Sex
Jessica Brown, El Dorado, AR
Unzipping the Mystery
Phil Swanson, Monticello, IL
What Happens the Other Six Seconds
Erin Gray, Seattle
Why Men Fight, Flee & Leave the Toilet Seat Up
Stephan Guertin, Washington, DC
First Book Published on Twitter
Melissa Lee McGinn, San Francisco
The Search Continues
Jeff Schoenwald, Thousand Oaks, CA
The Penis-Driven Life
Gail Price, Canon City, CO 
I Don’t Get It, Either
Dan Sensale, Somerville, MA
The Pop-Up Version!
Bill Pond, Urbandale, IA