Having scored a massive success with his adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, maverick director Tim Burton is rumored to be considering an animated adaptation of The Addams Family (though his people have said speculation is premature). While some say the director's gothic aesthetic is perfectly suited to this creepy, kooky family, others are saying it is yet another example of Burton selling out. Are Tim Burton and the The Addams Family a match made in hell?

Burton's lost it: This is yet another "low hanging fruit choice" for Burton, says Renn Brown at Chud.com, after the "pointless" remake of Alice in Wonderland. His "visual aesthetic" is still impressive, but he has "lost his grasp on intriguing storytelling and filmmaking craft." He should give up cashing in on this "well mined" property and "drive a powerful story again." If he can remember how.
"Tim Burton sets his stop-motion sights on 'The Addams Family'"

This will be winner: It isn't just the "goth-y aesthetic" of The Addams Family that makes Burton a perfect fit for this, says Margaret Lyons at Entertainment Weekly. The director is a "pro at adapting familiar stories" — think Batman or Charlie and the Chocolate Family — and he will understand that Morticia and Gomez are "one of fiction's most romantic couples." I have a feeling we're "in for a treat."
"Tim Burton directing an animated 'The Addams Family'? Oh, snap!"

This is too predictable: If Burton can find a way to "recapture" the "ghoulish humor" of his early films, this could be okay, says Elisabeth Rappe at The Flick Cast. But his recent "tired and convoluted style" makes that unlikely. And this seems such an "obvious" choice for him. "I feel like I can already see this," even down to the inevitable casting of Helena Bonham-Carter and Johnny Depp as Morticia and Gomez.
"Tim Burton becomes a member of 'The Addams Family'"