Brace yourself for "Blanket Rage." Apparently unconcerned about the threat of unhinged, shivering people, American Airlines plans to charge coach passengers $8 for a blanket on domestic flights lasting more than two hours (and eliminate blankets for shorter flights). Though the airline says it'll throw in an inflatable neck pillow, reaction from the blogosphere has been fast, furious and rather chilly. A sampling, free of charge:

My Gloss
"Hmm…we wonder if they’ll start cranking the air-conditioning on their planes [in the near future] too…"

"On domestic flights lasting two hours or less, blankets will be totally eliminated. Under the new policy, passengers on those flights will be warmed by sunbeams, glitter, and the glowing thought of puppy kisses."

"Until [Irish carrier] Ryanair actually goes through with threats to install pay toilets on its planes, it looks like we've just about hit rock bottom on all these extra fees."

The Consumerist
"Relax: you can't shiver to death in under 2 hours, and by then you'll be at your destination. Or, okay, [you'll still be] on the runway...raiding your carry-on for snacks. You might want to bring a light jacket."

"Good afternoon, everybody, this is your captain speaking...In a few minutes we'll be cutting off the supply of oxygen in the economy cabin. Additional oxygen can be purchased for a nickel per minute — just slip your coins into the slot in the armrest."

Chicago Tribune
"Getting that sweaty business traveler to stop napping in your personal space? That'll be extra."

"I guess the time has come for us all to bring our own Snuggie?"