Forget about football! If a new poll is to be believed, Red America and Blue America will be facing off in Sunday's Super Bowl, too. The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, reveals that a significant majority of Democrats want the New Orleans Saints to win, while GOP support lines up behind the Indianapolis Colts (albeit by a slimmer margin). Fittingly, a key battleground state, Florida, is hosting the big game. What, if anything, can be learned from Super Bowl's bizarre partisan divide?

The poll may contain good news for Democrats: "This poll might seem unimportant," says Eric Kleefeld in Talking Points Memo, but it contains at least one "crucial message" for relentless political analysts: Independents also favor the Saints, 33 percent to 20 percent. You know what that means: "Democrats still have the independent voters" in their pockets…when it comes to football.
"Poll: Dems cheer for the Saints, GOPers give edge to the Colts"

This poll is bad for America: Why must political pollsters "reduce everything [enjoyable] in American a stupid left-vs.-right debate," asks Jason Linkins in The Huffington Post. "Ugh." Let's make it simple: Some people like underdogs (the Saints) and others, winners (the Colts). There. Now "can't we just enjoy this one thing" without worrying about politics?
"Someone did Left vs. Right poll on the Super Bowl, for some reason"

Sports? Check. Politics? Check. What about religion? Enough about Democrats and Republicans — who's side is God on, asks Fr. Raymond de Souza in Canada's National Post. It "might be pushing it a little too far" to say God is rooting for New Orleans, but a Saints win "would no doubt be considered an act of God — perhaps considered divine compensation" for Hurricane Katrina. Tune in Sunday to see if the theory pans out...
"Is God on the Saints' side?"


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