Most conservatives are ecstatic about Republican Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts Senate race—but not Fox News host Glenn Beck. Beck insists that Brown is "creepy" (citing Brown's nationally televised declaration that his college-age daughters Ayla and Arianna are both "available") and ought to start wearing "a chastity belt" or risk winding up with "a dead intern" on his hands. (Watch the clip below.) Is Beck just being funny, or has Brown really shown bad judgment?

Brown is kinda creepy: Glenn Beck "may have gone overboard" with the chastity belt and "dead intern" remarks, says Gail Collins in The New York Times, but the Fox News host is picking up some legimate warning signs. Sure, Brown is being regarded as the GOP's "new superstar," but after his numerous lapses in judgment— including offering up his daughters—he's "already beginning to come off as a little strange."
"Democratic silver linings"

Beck's just a clown: Relax, "it was a joke," says Allahpundit at Hot Air. Beck's right that Brown's daughters were embarrassed— but what he neglects to mention is that the remarks were entirely playful. Brown is "a good family man" and was just having some fun with his kids by "busting on" them in front of the cameras.
"Mark Levin vs. Glenn Beck: Was Scott Brown’s joke about his daughters inappropriate?"

Beck should look at himself before criticizing Brown: "Beck is the LAST person who should be giving any father anywhere grief on how they treat their children," says Max Twain in Race 4 2012. While Beck's two daughters were growing up, Beck was "far too drunk and drug addicted" to joke with them "the way Scott is able to do with his children." Since Beck's conservative audience forgave him "after he turned his life around," you'd think he'd "be able to forgive someone else for a change"—especially Scott Brown.
"Glenn Beck jumps the shark"

This fight predates Tuesday: Beck was criticizing Brown even before he "appeared to be pimping his daughters from the podium," says Carly Carioli in The Boston Phoenix. Before Brown won, Beck already hit the former "nude model" with the "homophobia-tinged zinger" that that he doesn't trust "the judgment of man who thinks anyone wants to see the male body naked." Love him or hate him, Beck is "the gift that keeps on giving."
"Glenn Beck on Senator Scott Brown: 'This one could end with a dead intern.'"


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