With his recent "American Idol" audition in Atlanta, 63-year-old "General" Larry Platt stunned judges with his surprisingly spry performance of "Pants on the Ground" — an original composition that decries the hip-hop penchant for wearing low-slung trousers. ("You look like a fool with your pants on the ground!") Platt was invited to sing on "The View" and has quickly inspired a wave of YouTube tribute videos. (Update: Platt is seeking a lawyer to "protect" his song.) Here, the original clip and five of the best spoofs.

Larry Platt's original audition
The elderly Civil Rights activist demonstrates the magic, complete with sudden dance moves, infectious enthusiasm, and an indifference to Simon Cowell's demands that he shut up.

1. Brett Favre's clueless rendition
After leading his team to victory against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL playoffs, Favre leads a boisterous rendition of Platt's hit — apparently forgetting the the Cowboys' tightly cinched pants fit perfectly.

2. Jimmy Fallon channels Neil Young
Adorned in Young's iconic hat and cloak, Fallon transforms Platt's rousing song into a listless, mournful number — highlighting the deeper tragedy inherent in any individual who belts his pants at mid-thigh.

3. "Pants on the Ground"—the music video
Enthusiastic teenagers turn the song into a full-scale production number with a deft remix that samples Simon Cowell's unwittingly clairvoyant remark: "I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit." Watch out for a dramatic twist at 00:55.

4. The "stripped" version
The song goes indie in this vaguely alternative rock rendition by a guy who seems to be aping...John Mayer?

5. The best of the best
In "Pants on the Ground: Epic Remix (Feat. Eminem and Jesus"), a young man incorporates Platt's chant into an original, melodic mash-up. The presense of "Jesus" adds spiritual weight to the song's now-famous plea for a return to traditional trouser values.

Behind-the-scenes bonus footage:
Watch as "General" Larry Platt prepares for his big audition, just moments before America heard his bewitching song for the first time.


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