The unfolding drama over NBC's decision to push back Conan O'Brien's "The Tonight Show" to ease Jay Leno's return to late night is only getting tenser: Reportedly, NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker has countered Conan O'Brien's "I'm not moving" ultimatum with thuggish threats of his own. As lawyers and executives wrangle, the late-night hosts themselves — along with their network rivals — are happily making acerbic jokes at the the Peacock network's expense. Here, the 7 most buzzed-about clips:

1. Jimmy Kimmel channels Leno:
The host of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," impersonated Jay Leno—complete with lisp and prosthetic chin—for an entire episode: "I hereby declare," says Kimmel as Leno, "that I am hereby taking over all the shows in late night."

2. David Letterman pitches "Law & Order: Leno Victims Unit"
Letterman, who competed with Jay Leno to host "The Tonight Show" in 1992, wryly suggests a new drama to fill the 10 pm slot Leno is vacating.


3. Conan O'Brien interrupted by Kenneth the Page
In a bitter satire of a "cross-network" promotion, "30 Rock" character Kenneth leads an NBC-taunting tour through Conan's set. Among Kenneth's fun facts: "NBC spent more time building this studio than...using it."

4. Craig Ferguson points and laughs
Competitors in trouble? Ferguson, of CBS's "Late Late Show," has a good laugh at (not with) his late-night rivals' travails.

5. Jay Leno takes his own shot at NBC
Not one to sit any fight out, Leno lights into NBC as "America's most dysfunctional TV family," and points out that, while Conan had seven months to flop, he had just four.

6. Letterman's "Top 10 signs there's trouble at NBC"
Letterman does a biting imitation of Leno before launching into a takedown of his old network. Reason No. 6: "Tina Fey is having a hard time making fictional network executives dumber than the real ones."

7. Conan mocks NBC with Winter Olympics changes
O'Brien imagines NBC trying to "improve" its Winter Olympics coverage. One improvement: "Replace the flags on the giant slalom course with breached NBC contracts." Ouch.


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