Google's new Nexus One phone — which finally hit stores this week — has generated intense media speculation, much of it focused on whether the device will inflict fatal metaphorical violence upon Apple's iconic iPhone. Here, a brief sampling of the media's obsessive use of the "iPhone killer" meme.

The basic question: "Is Google unveiling an 'iPhone Killer?'" (CNN)

Or to put it another way: "Google's Nexus One an iPhone Killer?" (CBS News)

Apparently, yes: "Google unleashes an 'iPhone killer.'" (Palmetto Scoop)

Apparently, no: "Nexus One is no iPhone Killer." (USA Today)

Especially not as far as "folks" are concerned: "This ain't no iPhone killer, folks." (Motley Fool)

Or people who enjoy awkward sentence structure: "What this is isn't the iPhone Killer." (Inquisitr)

But Nexus One does come very close: "If there was ever something that could be labeled 'an iPhone killer,' this is probably the closest we've seen of it." (ZDNet)

And, in some ways, merely announcing that your phone will slaughter the competition is flattering: "Google, who announced their Nexus One iPhone killer yesterday, is sitting pretty." (IT World)

Still, whatever consumers think, some insiders will never be convinced: "Many industry watchers do not think the Nexus One is an iPhone killer." (BBC News)

Especially since the idea of an "iPhone killer" is, conclusively, unthinkable: "There is no iPhone killer." (Apple Gazette)

And, arguably, creepy: "I don't want the Nexus One to be an iPhone killer...or any kind of killer." (Discovery News)


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