New York Times executive editor Bill Keller may have inadvertently confirmed the existence of Apple’s long-rumored tablet device. In an off-the-record speech to staff, a video of which made it onto the Web, Keller said the Times needs to figure out its strategy for delivering content to mobile devices, including “the impending Apple slate.” Does Keller know something the rest of us don’t?

Keller’s remarks are pretty close to proof: The Apple tablet could still turn out to be “one of the biggest false rumors of the next 12 months,” says Matthew Humphries in, but Keller’s remarks help tilt the device “into the ‘it’s going to happen’ bracket.” He talks about the “Apple slate” as if it’s “a confirmed, official product,” and he could be in a position to know: The Times is rumored to be working with Apple to put its content on the device.
“Bill Keller, New York Times, talks of ‘impending Apple slate’”

Where’s the news here?: The video “isn’t proof of anything,” says Brian Lam in Gizmodo, but so what? We already know the Apple tablet’s in the works, and that The Times is involved with the project. So even if Keller’s comments are a “whoopsie letting loose a secret”—instead of, say, evidence that “Bill Keller reads rumors, too”—he doesn’t tell us anything new.
“On That NYTimes Editor’s Mention of the Apple Tablet”

Let us have fun with our rumors: Alright, so “it’s pretty clear this Apple Tablet thing is coming,” says Ryan Kim in the San Francisco Chronicle. But don’t try to dampen all our “fun speculation” about the details: Did Keller tip off the name, Apple Slate, or was he speaking in generics? When is Steve Jobs going to “show it off”? What will it look like?
“Apple Tablet launching ‘impending’ according to NYT exec”

It’s not just an American game: If Keller’s “cat out of the bag” comments aren’t enough for you, says Asher Moses in The Sydney Morning Herald, try this: Apple is shopping its outsized iPhone-like device around to Australian media companies, too. “Similar talks” regarding the Kindle e-reader broke down over money, as Amazon wanted 70 percent of revenue; Apple is expected to ask for a 30 percent cut. Stay tuned.
“Apple shops tablet around Australia”