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Results: Human Resources departments have been asking more personal questions in an attempt to screen out problem employees. We asked you to come up with the one, probing question that would really let a company know who it’s getting.

FIRST PRIZE: Are you willing to start at the bottom and... stay there?
Kathy Haddox, Washington, MO

SECOND PRIZE: Complete this sentence: “Star Trek is ______________.”
Konstantine Diamond, Manhattan Beach, CA

THIRD PRIZE: How do you feel about working as hard as ever, making less money, and earning fewer benefits?
Jeff Way, Beachwood, NJ


How often do you bring your Uzi to work?
Janet Gill, Paso Robles, Ca. (and others)

Why are your clothes on backwards?"
Lillian Henning, Nantucket, MA

Is your best friend real or imaginary?
Catherine Lonsway, Coos Bay, OR

Do you think the comic "Dilbert” is funny?
Paul Rabis, Eugene, OR

How many tweets have you posted since we started this interview?
Jaime Batiz, Campbell CA

How about we take a look at your Facebook profile?
Lori Butterworth, Soquel, CA

If you were an office supply, what would you be?
Danielle Loustau-Williams, Pittsburgh

Can you bake cookies?
Marcia Morrison, Easthamton, MA

How flexible are your ethics?
Linda Verwey, Tannersville, PA

Fox News or PBS?
Tim Savage, Rock Springs, WY

Fries or Fruit Cup?
Erika Elrod, Raleigh, NC

Waylon Smithers or Homer Simpson?”
Sanjay K. Vanguri, Frederick, MD

How often do you feel like attacking the boss with a meat cleaver?
Steve Kaplan, St Louis Park, MN

When you wake up in the morning, do you know where you are?
Joseph L. Bolea, Newark, De.

Why did you bring your mom to this interview?
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD

I know we haven't hired you yet, but can you work late tonight?
Gary Hennion, New York City