Nokia is suing Apple over the iPhone, said Jay Yarow in The Business Insider, accusing Apple of patent infringement on 10 wireless technologies. But the 1- to 2-percent royalty Nokia is demanding amounts to as little as $6 per iPhone. Nokia looks "silly" for trying to squeeze "pocket change" from Apple instead of focusing on building a better product.

The online world is screaming in unison that Nokia is only suing because it can't make a phone as good as iPhone, said Rupert Goodwins in ZDNet UK. But Nokia is no "patent troll" it has been in discussion with Apple for a year, and apparently "genuinely believes" Apple has taken the benefits from Nokia's research and development without paying. "It all looks and sounds like a case with substantial grounds."

Sure, Nokia probably has a case, said Dan Roberts in Britain's The Guardian. "Both sides have failed to agree a licensing deal, but Apple continues to churn out iPhones by the millions." Nokia should have learned when it fought to a standstill with Qualcomm over patents that such bickering doesn't accomplish much. If it doesn't want people to think this is just "sour grapes" over iPhone's success, Nokia should fight Apple "where it counts—in the showroom."