Okay, so Eric Williamson might be a strange guy, said Radley Balko in Reason. But being strange isn't a crime, so it's troubling that police would arrest the Virginia man because a woman cutting through his yard with her son saw Williamson drinking coffee, naked, in his kitchen. "You'd think the guy would get a warning before you arrest him for nudity in his own house."

"Yeah, yeah, we’re all kings of our castles," said Allahpundit in Hot Air, but the outrage of the property rights crowd over the Eric Williamson arrest is dumb. If he was standing naked where he could be seen, doesn't it seem logical to "infer that he wants to be seen?" Try "standing in front of a plate-glass window in your home" and preening in the buff while the neighbors walk by, and see what happens.

"It may sound out-of-this-world crazy to some people," said Erin Flaherty in The Frisky, but Eric Williamson may simply be one of the "many folks actually kind of enjoy the fact that they can walk around in their own houses minding their business and stuff while they're naked." The fact that the woman was with her kid could spell real trouble for Williamson. Maybe there's more to this story, but, come on—what kind of "Peeping Tom/trespasser calls the cops on the person they’re spying on?"