Looks like another White House official is "about to get Van Jonesed," said Adam K. Raymond in New York magazine. Fox News host Glenn Beck, fresh off his successful effort to push out former green-jobs czar Jones, is going after White House communications director Anita Dunn, who recently called Fox the communications arm of the Republican Party. Beck showed video of Dunn saying that Mao Zedong is one of her favorite political philosophers, and the attack began. (watch Glenn Beck's criticism of Anita Dunn)

Yes, Anita Dunn is a Mao cheerleader, said Michelle Malkin in her blog, but that's not her only problem. The White House's "chief Fox-basher" also has a "career-long commitment to flacking for one of the Beltway’s most entrenched and crooked creatures, Tom Daschle," and she's "married to Obama thug lawyer Robert Bauer, who tried valiantly to get the DOJ to prosecute conservative critics and punish TV stations for running an ad critical of Obama’s relationship with Weather Underground Bill Ayers."

Looks like Glenn Beck won't rest, said Mark Silva in the Chicago Tribune, until he has gotten rid of "every member of the Obama administration who ever hung a Che Guevera poster on his college dorm wall." Dunn will probably survive her "Becking"—unlike environmental advisor Jones, who resigned after Beck "singled him out as a communist sympathizer." But this won't be the end of the Fox News war—now it's the White House's turn to fire back.