GOOD DAY FOR: A golden opportunity, after unknown parties mounted an attack on the U.S. dollar by planting a story in a British newspaper about Mideast oil states plotting with Russia and China to abandon the greenback. Gold traders are the primary suspect, since they had the most to gain from the resulting massive selloff in the dollar and buying of gold. (Politico in Yahoo! News)

BAD DAY FOR: A smooth upper lip, after a study by Quicken and the American Mustache Institute found that mustached Americans earn 4.3 percent more than their clean-faced peers, and 8.2 percent more than those sporting beards. The study also found, however, that mustache wearers spend 11 percent more and save 3 percent less than their colleagues. (Reuters)

Thursday: Good day for French fries; Bad day for Olympic flames
Wednesday: Good day for Foster’s Beer; Bad day for originality
Tuesday: Good day for quality control; Bad day for positive reinforcement
Monday: Good day for Norwegians, bad day for foodies