"Once again, murder comes to the world of reality shows," said The Wrap. Brian Randone, a former contestant on The Sexiest Bachelor in America, "has been charged with torturing and murdering his girlfriend," ex-porn star Felicia Tang Lee. This case is "eerily similar to the murder last month of Jasmine Fiore by Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on the reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire."

"Prosecutors said torture charges were filed" against Brian Randone because of the "severity" of Felicia Lee's injuries, said Anthony Pesce in the Los Angeles Times, and "evidence that she died slowly." How does something like this happen? "On paper, at least, the pair seemed an unlikely match": Randone "was educated as a minister," while Lee "appeared nude in adult films" under the name Felicia Tang.

Maybe the evangelical element is the key here, said Andrew Belonsky in Gawker. "Like alleged kidnapping rapist Phillip Garrido, Randone once maintained a website, through which he spread his wacky ideas, like the importance of hell, a place where he envisioned going." So Felicia Lee's death could be another sign that "America's popular culture, not the four horsemen, will spark the apocalypse."