GOOD DAY FOR: Sweet deals, after a survey of 1,000 British business executives found that four out of five of them believe the key to sealing a deal is serving the right type of cookie at the client meeting. Lawyers were deemed the most impressed by good cookies. Crumbly cookies were frowned upon by 30 percent of the executives, and half looked down on dunking the cookie in coffee or tea during the meeting. The correct number of cookies to eat: two. (BBC News)

BAD DAY FOR: Buying American, after Ford announced that it’s spending $490 million to build a third car-assembly plant in China. The plant, which will build the next generation of Focus compacts, will be jointly run with a Chinese partner and Mazda—the same arrangement as the other two plants. (MarketWatch)

Thursday: Good day for gold diggers; Bad day for death panels

Wednesday: Good day for the other half, Bad day for inequality

Tuesday: Good day for cash for clunkers; Bad day for role reversals

Monday: Good day for solidarity, Bad day for central planning