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Results: After hearing about the two Australian girls who fell into a storm drain and updated their Facebook status rather than dialing 911, we asked you to predict the next really dumb Facebook message. You texted:
FIRST PRIZE: Wondering why this idiot policeman is pulling me over.
Brett Cutler, Park City, UT  

SECOND PRIZE: Car stalled on tracks. Loud whistle sound drowning out my iPod. Grrrrrrr.
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD
THIRD PRIZE: My bungee cord just bro
Georgia Binns, Babylon, NY


I got Krazy Glue on my ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Carol Fox and Susan Putnam, Louisville, KY

Pastor about to pronounce us husband and wife!
Larry Fish, New York, NY

Bad day—was kidnapped and am being held hostage. But at least the food is good! LOL
Heather Cone, Prunedale, CA

Robbing the Columbus, OH, Bank of America on High Street at noon today.
Susan Rhoads, West Chester, OH
You won’t believe this! Just been moved up to third most wanted on FBI list!
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

Nailing my road test!
Chuck Gaston, Lancaster, PA
Driving the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix. Only two cars ahead. Wish me luck!
David English, Lambertville, NJ

Gas smell totally overpowering my new scented candle! :(
Cathy Jakicic, Milwaukee
OMG the smoke is sooooooooooooo thick I can barely see my screen!
Brian Blackwood, Ramona, CA
Just mauled by a bear. Everything going dark.
Sarah Walker, Portland, OR
Kelly’s PREGNANT. Don’t tell anyone yet.
Sam Waller, New York, NY

Baby’s head is emerging!
Joyce Norris, Oak Park, MI  
Getting some while the wife is outta town.
Thomas Elliott, San Diego

We’re undercover @ Tenth & State.
J. Armbruster, Erie, PA
Hey whoever turned off the bathroom light: I’m in here!
Stephen Woodburn, Winfield, KS
Colonoscopy is going well so far. You can link to the live video on…
Tom Panther, Springfield, VA
Having sex.
Nancy H. Babendir, Skokie, IL
Someone call 911!
Liz Roby, Winter Park, FL
I am sooooo busy here at work
Alan Stallings, Holladay, UT