Ace pitcher Curt Schilling always “seemed an ideologue in search of a soapbox,” said Mark Sappenfield in The Christian Science Monitor. Well, he may have found one in the U.S. Senate seat left empty when Ted Kennedy died. Schilling, an outspoken social conservative, has not committed to run, but boy, “a more radically different candidate from the late ‘liberal Lion’ of the Senate could not be found south of Wasilla, Alaska.” Let’s see how Red Sox Nation reacts.

My first priority is my family, and then my video-gaming business, said Curt Schilling in his 38 Pitches blog. But yes, if things “align themselves” in the right way, “I do have some interest in the possibility” of running for the open Senate seat.

“Nothing against Schilling personally,” said Peter Scheer in TruthDig, or even against athletes who aspire to hold public office generally. But this is the man aptly described as the “Ron Burgundy of baseball”—as in Will Farrell’s buffoonish character in Anchorman. And not that this is a “mark against him,” but he’s also “a complete nerd” who’s deeply into fantasy-adventure gaming.

His company, 38 Studios, is actually a big deal in the gaming world, said Jim Goldman in CNBC. And it would be a blow to "gamers looking forward to a ‘World of Warcraft’ rival” if his run for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat derailed his quest to create “the world’s greatest video game,” an in-development online multiplayer game called “The World.”