Actor Macaulay Culkin is reportedly "the mystery dad of Michael Jackson's son Blanket," said David Willetts in The Sun. Culkin, who is "godfather to Jacko's other two children," is "said to have donated sperm" to help the late King of Pop "create his 7-year-old offspring—real name Prince Michael II—with an unknown surrogate" mother. And Culkin "has told pals he will not comment in public out of loyalty to his late pal."

Macaulay Culkin very well could be Blanket's father, said Steve Gow in Metro Vancouver. The Home Alone star had "a special relationship with the King of Pop"—he "even testified in the '90s in Jacko's favor at that infamous molestation trial." If Culkin was willing to do that, who knows what else he did for his good "pal."

"Really, this must stop," said Andrew Belonsky in Gawker. Blanket and his brother and sister have enough troubles without "the media circling like vultures, questioning from whence they came." Marlon Jackson this past weekend "said perhaps the most sensible thing any of the family has said since Jackson's death: 'Those were Michael's kids—regardless of where they came from.' Here, here!"