Here's a shocker—researchers say texting while driving isn't safe, said Todd R. Weiss in PC World. A new study has concluded that truck drivers who send text messages on a cell phone or smart phone are 23 times more likely to crash than drivers who are not texting. "What, we needed a study to tell us this?"

It's no surprise that the research concluded that texting while driving is dangerous, said Matt Hamblen in Computer World. But the researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute said their findings showed why there should be a national ban on using cell phones behind the wheel—especially for teen drivers, who are more likely than adults to send text messages or talk on cell phones while driving.

Fourteen states already ban texting while driving, said Michael Barkoviak in Daily Tech, and a dozen others are considering similar laws. But texting is new, so politicians in some states want to see more research. "Any lawmakers looking for more information likely won't have to wait long, as there are a handful of universities and research groups working on additional studies related to texting and driving."