"America's fixation with ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews has now officially reached the creepy stage," said Mike Bianchi in The Orlando Sentinel. "Some sicko" actually videotaped the former University of Florida dance team member through a peephole in a hotel room door while she was undressed. There's no denying that Andrews is the "No. 1 sex symbol" in the sports world, but the Erin Andrews peephole video is fresh proof that the Internet is destroying the privacy of celebrities.

If you're a member of the salivating mob searching for these clips, said Reid Cherner in USA Today, be careful. Hackers are using links purported to lead to the Erin Andrews peephole video to spread a computer virus. The reporter has long had a good sense of humor about her obsessed fans, but the ugly "Erin Andrews peephole video link" episode "has shown how dangerous the obsession can become"—to all concerned.

The first people to pay for this blatant invasion of privacy, said L. Steven Sieden in Examiner.com, may be the bloggers who posted Erin Andrews peephole video links. Andrews' legal team has essentially admitted that the footage was authentic, and promised legal action against those who put the footage online. Good—maybe that will help get people to stop treating female reporters as sex objects, and to recognize that even celebrities have a right to privacy.