Actor Alec Baldwin is a “card-carrying Democrat” who plays an “über Republican” on TV, said Jeremy P. Jacobs in The Hill. And it looks as if he is auditioning for new role: politician. In an interview with Playboy, Baldwin says he’s been asked to run for governor of Ohio, and would “love” to take on Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, but would probably run for office in New York, if at all. “He said it is all ‘fantasy,’ but I would pay to watch a Baldwin/Lieberman race.”

You’re out of luck, said Alec Baldwin in The Huffington Post. “I am not moving to Connecticut to run against Joe Lieberman.” Lieberman is “an enormous letdown” to the Democratic Party, but “running for public office involves among the most sacred trusts that one can enter into,” and it will take a lot of thought before I make that commitment to “the voters I would potentially serve.”

Alec Baldwin may just be testing the waters, but the “politically outspoken” actor keeps on talking about running, said News Talk Online host Gary Baumgarten (via the New York Daily News), so he’s probably serious. And while his comments to Playboy are “scattered,” he does hint at some “actual specific races” in New York—NYC mayor, Long Island congressman, senator.

If he does run, “Republicans might want to donate to his campaign,” said Rudi Stettner in Rant/Rave. “He is that bad.” With years of TV footage, bizarre rants, animal-rights advocacy, and a leaked "profanity laced phone message to his daughter,” Baldwin is “ripe for satire. He would make an absurdly inviting target for ridicule.” He should leave politics to less-hotheaded people.