Good day for: New beginnings, as Italy's Fiat on Wednesday closed on its purchase of the bulk of Chrysler's assets. The deal saved the troubled U.S. automaker from liquidation, and cleared the way for a leaner Chrysler to emerge from bankruptcy without the burdensome labor costs, billions in debt, and 789 underperforming dealerships that nearly sank it. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne became CEO of the new company, and announced plans to quickly reopen Chrysler plants idled during the company's bankruptcy process at a cost of $100 million a day. (AP in Yahoo Finance)

Bad day for: Making enemies with the IT guy, as 35 percent of information technology professionals abuse administrative passwords to snoop on co-workers, according to a survey by data security company Cyber-Ark of 400 IT workers in the U.S. and Britain. A growing number also said they would take data that could help competitors with them if they were fired. (Reuters)