Good day for: The institution of marriage, as the economic downturn has helped drive down divorce rates in Great Britain, according to a study by Grant Thorton accountants. Depressed house prices make it hard for troubled couples to sell their joint home, and the bad economy makes it hard for them to maintain separate homes. "Certainly the financial carve-up that follows a divorce settlement will be at the forefront of a couple's minds when contemplating divorce," said Grant Thorton's Robert Kerr. Divorce in Britain is at a 26-year low. (Reuters)

Bad day for: The Boston Globe, after the newspaper's largest union narrowly rejected proposed wage and benefit cuts that the paper's owner, The New York Times Co., deems necessary to keep the money-losing paper alive. After the 277-265 vote by the Boston Newspaper Guild, the Globe now has to find $10 million in cuts from other sources. Six other Globe unions had already accepted concessions. (AP in Yahoo! Finance)