The Cold War is officially over, said Jamaica's The Gleaner in an editorial. The Organization of American States on Wednesday repealed a 1962 resolution kicking out Cuba's Communist government. "But there is more to be done, including by the leadership in Havana, if the decision" is to lead to what Honduran President Manuel Zelaya called a "new era of fraternity and tolerance."

"Cuba isn't back," said Marifeli Perez-Stable in The Miami Herald. The OAS has merely spelled out the steps Cuba will have to take if it wants back in, and Cuban leaders Raul and Fidel Castro have rejected the idea of rejoining the OAS. In fact, "neither Cuba nor the United States wants to mend their estrangement quickly."

Whatever happens next, the invitation to Cuba to rejoin the OAS was "long overdue," said The Boston Globe in an editorial. "The United States' effort to continue Cuba's exclusion from the OAS was at best a historical anomaly, at worst a blunder that isolated not Cuba but the United States."