Matthew McConaughey is still a rambling man, says Neal Pollack in Men’s Journal. The 39-year-old actor is now a father, but any chance he gets, he leaves his Malibu home and hits the road in his recreational vehicle to explore the country, meet people, and just clear his head. “My thoughts are better when I’m on the road,” he says. “I’m more creative.” For McConaughey, one RV isn’t enough: He dreams of the day when he can have a fleet of eight or nine Airstreams and drive them with his friends in a caravan and park them all in one place—“like a corral.” But for now, he considers his RV an extension of himself that lets him fully function while staying mobile—sometimes with his girlfriend and their toddler son in tow. “With technology today, I can communicate just as well from the Airstream, run everything right there. And I can get to anyone at anytime. If I need to meet someone—I’ve done this before—‘Well, I’m going east coming up here out of Idaho. I’ll be in Missoula in about five hours. Why don’t you fly up to Missoula, I’ll pick you up, we’ll drive east from there, we’ll do our thing on the road, and I’ll drop you off at the next airport?’ It works like a charm.”