Ex-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura “poured cold water” on Dick Cheney’s contention that waterboarding isn’t torture, said Satyam Khanna in Think Progress. On CNN’s Larry King Live, Ventura—a former Navy SEAL who, unlike Cheney, has been waterboarded—said the technique is torture, and it doesn't work. “Give me a water board, Dick Cheney, and one hour," Ventura said, "and I’ll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders.” (watch Ventura discuss waterboarding)

Cheney may make an easy target, said Michael Goldfarb in The Weekly Standard, but even with his “18 percent approval rating,” he has 60 percent of the country on his side regarding torture. Liberals are losing the PR war to Cheney and his allies, and they’re starting to notice. Have they considered that maybe Cheney is “winning because he’s right”?

Ventura’s “definitely one of our most outspoken political figures,” said Akela Talamasca in Manolith, but you can’t call him a liberal. And yes, he has “somewhat unkempt” hair, and he’s promoting a new book, but Ventura says what he genuinely thinks, and his unpredictable thoughts are as interesting as his crazy life story.