GOOD DAY FOR: Sending it electronically, as U.S. first-class postage rates are going up Monday, to 44 cents, from 42 cents. Parcel and large-evenlope rates are rising by 5 cents. This is the third consecutive May postal-rate hike, under recently enacted changes that allow for yearly rate increases. The U.S. Postal Service lost $2.8 billion last year. (AP in The Dallas Morning News)

BAD DAY FOR: A visit from Jamie Oliver, as the British celebrity chef and Ryan Seacrest are teaming up for an ABC reality show to put some of America’s “fattest cities” on a diet. Oliver did a similar program in Britain that led to a reform of school lunch programs. “Jamie has been through this mission before,” said ABC executive Vicki Dummer. “He will be an advocate for change, but not act like, ‘I’m from Britain and you Americans are fat.’ I think he’s really equipped to make a change and knock on the right doors.” (Hollywood Reporter, via Reuters)