Workplace racial-sensitivity pamphlet called insensitive
A racial-sensitivity pamphlet issued by the Delaware Department of Transportation has been accused of insensitivity. The pamphlet advises employees to avoid such “workplace faux pas” as asking gay co-workers whether they’ve “thought about getting help”; offering black co-workers “chicken or watermelon” for lunch; and asking Latino co-workers, “Can you help me out with my landscaping?” A spokesman explained that the DOT thought that “you have to shock people to get their attention.”

Golfers need not shout “Fore!”
A New York court has ruled that golfers are not legally required to shout “Fore!”  Dr. Azad Anand lost an eye when a friend, Dr. Anoop Kapoor, struck him with a shanked shot in 2002. Anand sued Kapoor for damages, claiming he should have yelled the traditional golfers’ warning, but the state appellate court this week sided with Kapoor, ruling that the danger of getting hit is an “inherent risk of the game of golf.”