Miss California Carrie Prejean “may not believe in gay nuptials,” said The Hollywood Gossip, “but she does believe in posing half-naked!” TheDirty.com recently posted a racy photo of the beauty queen, a shot reportedly taken during her teen modeling days. For someone who “claims to live her life according to the Bible,” it seems hypocritical that Prejean has no problem “flaunting” her “body for money and attention.”

Keep in mind, said Celebuzz, this is the same Carrie Prejean who allowed the Miss California Organization to pay for her breast implants. But Prejean claims that “the photo is perfectly in line with her belief system” because it’s just part of being a model. “The Man Upstairs might give the thumbs up on Prejean's topless modeling photos, but the officials for the Miss USA pageant may be another matter”—she could lose her state title.

Which is “ridiculous,” said Abe Luciano in Sports Odds. The photo of Prejean on TheDirty.com is no big deal—“I’ve seen way more revealing stuff in Victoria’s Secret catalogs!” Miss California is “under attack by the left-wing media” solely because of her Christian beliefs. She has a right to her own opinion on gay marriage, and should be able to express it without being “hunted down like a wild animal.”