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Results: Far out, man! In light of California’s decision to legalize medical marijuana stores—and the fact that applications are pouring in and thousands have already opened—we asked you to predict the name of the first cannabis chain store. You blew in with: Weed-Mart (of course). Dealer Joe’s. Home dePot. And, alternatively, Office dePot. And lots of variations—lots—on Tokes R Us. While we got a huge and unprecedented response to this contest, it is still only the first person to send in an entry who gets the credit. But to us, you are all high. High on our list, that is.

FIRST PRIZE: Bud, Bong & Beyond
Kurt S. Johnson, Johnsburg, IL (and many others)
Pearl Basehore, Lakeside, CA
THIRD PRIZE: Chong E. Cheech’s
Bill Muse, Seattle
Honorable mentions:

Michael Alman, Las Vegas, NV (and others)
Jill Kempner, Toms River, NJ

Riley Applewhite, Atherton, CA (and others)
Sylvia Beardsley, Wadsworth, IL (and others)
Stoned R Us
Barbara Anderson, Hale's Location, NH

Hemp R Whatever
Ted Leach, Hancock, NH

The Pottery Bong
Shawn Cruze, Cleves, OH
The Grass Menagerie
Helen Drake, Larkspur, CA (and others)

Roy Batchelor, St. Louis, MO
THC Friday’s
Kasumi, Cleveland, OH
L.L. Weed
Barbara J. De Fries, Seattle, WA (and others)
Stuper Market
Kathleen Quinlan, Madison, WI
The Hash Stash
Rocco Blasi, Green Mountain Falls, CO (and others)
Grateful Meds
Deb Drum, Lake Worth, FL

Duane Weed
Kenneth Stein, Teaneck, NJ (and others—it’s a local New York joke)
Alice B. Toke-mores
John Cross, Tiburon, CA

Peggy Houghtaling, Kennett Square, PA

Doobie or Not Doobie
David Pepper, Malibu, CA
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Illegal!
Patsy Munden, Savannah, GA
Cannabis ReX
Kelly Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK

Got Pot?
Allyson Lomax, St. Paul, MN

James Lister Smith, Mill Valley, CA (and others)