iPodjuice.com steps in when your iPod warranty runs out, and helps with battery repairs. You can either order a replacement battery along with a do-it-yourself tool kit and instructions—or, for a little extra, send your iPod in for repairs.

Rapidrepair.com services batteries, but also helps with hard-drive upgrades, data ­recovery, scratch removal, and individual parts. The site claims to be able to fill an iPod with 240GB of memory—twice the maximum amount sold by Apple. It also repairs music players from makers other than Apple.

Buymytronics.com will purchase broken, ­used, or simply unwanted iPods and iPhones, in “any condition.” The site also deals in laptops, ­camcorders, digital cameras, game consoles, laptops, and more.

Source: The Hartford Courant; Windsor, Ontario, Star