Soccer coach penalizes parents
Parents of girls on a Maryland soccer team have been banished to a distant hillside to watch games. The penalty was imposed after the parents crowded around a referee after a loss, complaining about his decisions, with one parent yelling at the ref’s daughter, “Your father should be fired!” “For the parents to be shrieking on the sidelines,’’ said league official Kathie Diapoulis, “goes against everything we’re trying to do.”

Police officer fired for refusing to be Tasered
An Indiana police officer is suing his department for firing him because he refused to be Tasered during a training exercise. Officer Ray Robert, 54, says he has a spinal disc injury and was advised by his doctor not to undergo the powerful electric shock of a Taser, which can be used to subdue suspects. But his supervisor said it’s important for officers to know how it feels to be jolted with 50,000 volts of electricity. “Every single person who underwent the training found value in the exposure,” said Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter.