Matt Drudge, the man behind the influential news website The Drudge Report and “one of the most powerful figures in journalism,” said Gabriel Sherman in The New Republic, “has gone almost completely underground.” For the past few years, he has nearly “disappeared,” supposedly because he is “bothered by the media's prurient interest in his personal life”—kind of “ironic” for a guy who makes a living “rummaging” into the lives of public figures.

Maybe Matt Drudge is in the wrong business, said Kyle Munzenrieder in the Miami New Times. “One of the side effects of starting your own eponymous, one-man news source like The Drudge Report” is that “it's only natural” for people to become “curious about the man behind the medium.”

“Matt Drudge has always been a notorious recluse,” said John Cook in Gawker. He may be even more withdrawn from the public lately, but our source “blames it on post-election burnout and exhaustion.” Plus, Andrew Breitbart “is no longer helping shoulder the burden” of keeping The Drudge Report up to date, so "it makes sense" that  Drudge is “starting to wear out a bit.”