“Following months of flirting, dating, denying that they were dating, fighting, and denying that they were fighting,” said The Hollywood Gossip, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson “have finally broken up.” They reportedly got into a fight over the weekend at a party Ronson was throwing for her fashion designer sister, Charlotte, at West Hollywood’s Bar Marmount, and decided to call it quits.

Lohan is claiming that she needs a break to focus on herself, said Elizabeth Snead in the Los Angeles Times, which is just “hilarious. Some might say that Lindsay's problem is definitely not the lack of an ability to focus on herself,” but “just the opposite.”

Maybe Lohan is just in denial, said Korin Miller in the New York Daily News. Lindsay is “reportedly devastated by the split,” and “had to be restrained by five bodyguards while trying to get into Charlotte's bash this weekend, while Samantha DJed inside.” And now reports are coming out that “Ronson's family is pursuing a restraining order against” Lohan—this saga may be far from over.