“What the heck happened?” said Verne Gay in Newsday. On the Today Show Monday morning, Eliot Spitzer gave his first live interview since he was forced to resign as New York’s governor about a year ago amidst a prostitution scandal. But “after a few milquetoast perfunctory questions from Matt Lauer,” the Today Show host completely let Spitzer off the hook. Talk about blowing “a sterling opportunity.” (watch the video)

Actually, “Lauer didn't hold any punches and came out swinging,” said Rebecca Cole in The Swamp. But Spitzer’s already been “publicly humiliated,” and he seems willing to take a few more punches in order to “get back on the horse.” But it remains to be seen if Spitzer can “reinvent himself”—the “gauntlet” of his “enemies still have their swords drawn.”

But don’t be surprised if Spitzer’s Today Show appearance actually helps his “public rehabilitation process,” said Reed Johnson in the Los Angeles Times. Like other public figures who have “fallen from grace,” Spitzer’s trying to make a comeback as a pundit—if Newt Gingrich, William Bennett, and Henry Blodget can do it, why can’t Spitzer?