The New York Times
The 1954 Land Cruiser was the vehicle that “saved Toyota,” after its first sedan proved “crummy.” The vehicle now has a devoted cult following; it’s indestructible and has a high resale value. But this redesigned “temple of tumescence” is 3 feet longer, 2 feet wider, and a full ton heavier than the original. It also comes saddled with a high price, low mileage, “monolithic size, and amorphous shape.”
This upscale but rugged SUV sets the bar for durability in “the world’s most extreme environments.” The 5.7-liter V8 churns out 381 hp, and a six-speed automatic transmission channels that power into all four wheels, allowing the drivetrain to maintain “ultra-slow velocity for hard-core trail-busting.” The “decadent” all-leather interior includes a 14-speaker audio system, four-zone climate control, and three rows of seating.

Consumer Reports
The Land Cruiser earned the highest rating in a comparison test with the Porsche Cayenne S, Range Rover Sport HSE, and Hummer H2. It’s “quick, plush, and refined,” and the interior offers high-quality ambience. But the SUV gets only 14 mpg overall. Though a capable off-roader, it “lacks agility,” and braking takes longer on wet pavements.