Comedy Central faux conservative Stephen Colbert just "ripped apart" Fox News star Glenn Beck, said Danny Shea in The Huffington Post. Mocking Beck’s 9/12 Project—which aims to return the country to where it was the day after the Sept. 11 attacks—Colbert donned a gas mask and diaper, and held up a gun, saying, “Ready!” (watch the video) Then Colbert exposed Beck’s hypocrisy by showing a 2005 video of Beck saying 9/11 families should “shut up” and stop complaining.

The point of the 9/12 Project is to get past the bickering and unite America again, said Glenn Beck in Fox News. Our government is “marching us toward a brand of nonviolent fascism or, to put it in another way, they're marching us toward ‘1984.’” The only way to save the nation is to return to the principles and unity we shared on 9/12—what’s wrong with pointing that out?

Fights with TV comics never end well for conservatives, said Gary Andres in The Weekly Standard. “The toxic mix of ridicule, sarcasm, and ad hominem attack” by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and other nighttime comics has hurt Republicans badly at the polls. But the tables could turn—the Democrats now running Washington are spoon-feeding conservative comedians all the material they need.