Ice cream fundraiser nixed by "wellness policy"
Officials at Peabody High School in Massachusetts have canceled the students’ monthly ice cream fundraiser, on the grounds that ice cream isn’t good for you. The charity event had been generating about $500 a month, some of which went to fund the student newspaper. But principal Edward Sapienza said he had to cancel the event because “there’s a regulation in our wellness policy that prevents an activity such as that during lunchtime.”

Principal bans all physical contact between students
A Connecticut middle school has banned all physical contact between students. The ban came, say officials at East Shore Middle School, after a student was hospitalized following a blow to the groin. From now on, principal Catherine Williams wrote to parents, students may not touch each other in any way; the possible penalties include expulsion. “What if they are out on the playground at recess, or in gym class?” said parent Kathy Casey. “You know, gym class is physical.”