Klipsch Image X10
“Klipsch’s self-proclaimed ‘world’s smallest in-ear headphones’” have silicone tips that block noise and “soft cable joints” that prevent breakage.
Price: $349; Contact: Klipsch.com
Source: Men’s Journal

Super.Fi 4 Earphones
A favorite of Aerosmith and Madonna, these “in-ear, noise-isolating” earphones “block external noise while delivering a crisp and robust sound.”
Price: $129.99; Contact: Ultimateears.com
Source: The Boston Globe

Sennheiser MX W1
“Crazy expensive,” yes. But this “low-profile, lightweight” pair of earbuds uses the most up-to-date wireless technology for an “uncompressed signal” and “a potentially cleaner sound.”
Price: $500; Contact: Sennheiserusa.com
Source: Shop Smart

Jawbone 2
With “no visible buttons and a curved, diamond-patterned design in black, silver, rose, or gold,” this headset deserves to be called “ear-wear.”
Price: $130; Contact: Us.jawbone.com
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Triple.Fi 10 Pro
These “skillfully engineered” earbuds look sleek and “sound divine, with a big, thumping bass that seems impossible.”
Price: $419.99; Contact: Ultimateears.com
Source: Financial Times