Car and Driver
At this price, the 370Z is “possibly the best sports car on the planet.” Nissan calls the 2009 Z an “enhancement,” but it’s actually all new. Powered by a 332-hp V6, the car comes in a basic and deluxe Touring version, though options are few. An improved cockpit features a center console kneepad, a glove box, and an asymmetrical steering wheel.

The “coolest new feature” of this fantasy Z is its SynchroRev Match system. Sensors read the gear and blip the throttle “to match revs on downshifts.” These clean, consistent shifts enable novices to shift and accelerate like a pro. The much-improved ride could not feel more civilized.

What really sets this Z apart from its predecessors “are its dramatic, boomerang-­shaped headlights and taillights”—the most interesting stylistic touches in ages. Other intriguing redesigns include the vertical door handles and the retro A-pillars. The Z could use “more exhaust bark” in the upper half of the 7,500-rpm rev range, but steering is quick and body roll is minimal.