Disney sued for banning Tower of Terror ride
A Florida woman is suing Walt Disney World for banning her from its Tower of Terror ride, saying riding it is a medical necessity. Denise Mooty says the “G-forces of going up and down” the 199-foot thrill ride help break up fibrous adhesions in her abdomen. Disney, she says, had decided to limit her to four rides a week, far fewer than the dozens her doctor has ordered. Mooty was then banned, Disney says, “for causing a disturbance within the presence of other guests and using foul language toward a cast member.”

Charging inmates for toilet paper
Faced with a $1.7 million budget deficit, Des Moines County, Iowa, is considering charging prison inmates for toilet paper. Budget director Cheryl McVey says the county hopes to raise $2,300 by charging inmates $1 for toilet paper. Curt Braby, president of the state Sheriffs and Deputies Association, said he appreciates the budget problems facing the state, “but what do you do for the guy who hasn’t got the dollar for the toilet paper?”